GRADING CLASS with Nola Dennis: March 22

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GRADING CLASS with Nola Dennis: March 22

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Wednesday, February 22,  2023



Would you like to learn how to change the sizing of a pattern?

Perhaps you have a pattern that no longer fits you (gained weight / lost weight) and would like to make a pattern smaller or larger.

Or maybe you have a friend or family member that likes a pattern you have but they are a different size.

Come along and learn Grading Rules so you could undertake this project.

What to bring: Tape Measure / Ruler / Pencil / Coloured Pencils or thin textas. Also a pattern that needs grading if you have one.

The class is small and Nola will be on hand to help and guide you along the way. 

*Nola has over 35 years working in the fashion industry. She has worked for many big names, including Levis, Reebok, Camilla and Marc, and teaches at the Sydney Community College.