8258 Japanese Medium weight denim 5.3oz
8258 Japanese Medium weight denim 5.3oz

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8258 Japanese Medium weight denim 5.3oz

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Japanese Medium weight denim

180gsm/ 5.3oz

Composition: 60% Cotton 40% Linen

Width: 148cm

Weight: 180gsm  (Medium weight, suitable for jeans, skirts, dresses ect )


This is a yarn dyed quality with white and light denim colour yarn. They are crossed  together to make a mottled colour

Quality information:

8258 is a medium weight denim from Japan. When washed the fabric softens making it perfect for shirts, dresses, skirt ect

Rope dyed denim is recognised as the highest quality denim dyeing technique. This is due to the high level of colour uniformity and the rich colour that is achieved. Other dying methods such as slasher dyeing where the yarn is soaked in indigo baths, will not produce an even and consistent colour shade throughout the width and length.

Rope dyed denim is created by taking the cotton thread and twisting into a rope. The rope is then shortly and repeatedly dipped into indigo resulting in a dyed surface while the core remains a cotton colour. This process of dipping the yarn could be repeated up to 12 times, until desired colour. The ‘ring dyed’ yarns fades faster than yarn that are completely soaked with indigo, creating the denim look.

This rope dyed denim in made in Indonesia with Japanese machinery and technology. As it is dyed with indigo dye the denim will need to be washed separately first before use. In the first wash, colour will run from the fabric but the indigo will intensify. The fabric will also soften, as it will wash away the starch that has been applied during production.


$11/ 0.5m

This fabric is sold in 1/2m increments. If you buy more than one unit it will be cut as a continuous piece