Merchant and Mills/ Alaskan Snow

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Merchant and Mills/ Alaskan Snow

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Merchant and Mills/ Alaskan Snow

Black and white ikat weave. A summer weight dressmaking cotton. Suitable for breezy tops, dresses and loose fitting trousers.

  • 100% cotton.
  • 114cm wide.
  • White lines vary in size from selvedge to selvedge.
  • Indian cloths are sometimes susceptible to irregularities in the weave, this is all part of their charm and are not classed as flaws.

Ikat is a resist dyeing technique where the threads used for weaving are dyed beforehand.  The Ikat threads are bound in a pattern so that the threads covered by the binding ‘resist’ the dye, creating a design.  The more binding done before weaving, the more complicated the pattern.

$30/ m 

$15/ 0.5m 

This fabric is sold in 1/2m increments. If you buy more than one unit, it will be cut as a continuous piece.