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Prym Fray Check

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Prym - Fray Check

Fray Check is a colourless liquid that can be used to reinforce fibres and connect fabric surfaces. It has a wide range of very useful applications, such as preventing high-stress areas such as buttonholes, seams, and shirt collars from fraying; applied to the back of buttons to prevent the thread from coming undone; sealing the edge of a rolled hem before sewing for stability; or giving a fray-free seal to the edge of fabric motifs. 

The bottle has a pipette-like opening for precise application. 

The effects of Fray Check may subside slightly after multiple washes, but it can be reapplied as often as desired.

  • 22.5ml bottle
  • colourless liquid
  • Ideal for seams, hems, collars, cuffs, braids, appliques, and sealing open fabric edges

Caution: Fray Check is a flammable liquid and vapour. Please use in a well ventilated area.