Sewing with Kate Sashiko kit: Large Peaks
Sewing with Kate Sashiko kit: Large Peaks

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Sewing with Kate Sashiko kit: Large Peaks

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Learn the art of Sashiko embroidery:

Sewing with Kate’s DIY Sashiko Kits teach the visible mending skills needed to repair worn out fabric in your wardrobe. This slow and creative process inspires a calm and meditative mind, while creating a beautiful handmade purse or clutch in the process. 

This kit contains elements to make the Peaks Collection Sashiko design purse. That's 3 variations, the crosses, the hills and the mountain! The basic cross is a firm favourite, it’s super easy and visually striking. It works beautifully on its own as a collection of little crosses, but when the diagonal stitches are placed, it adds another dimension. I have prepared two diagonal stitch patterns in this kit, the hills and the mountain. The hills are a set of diagonal lines stitched between the crosses to form a zig zag pattern. The hills pattern has three peaks, the mountain has one large peak with two alternate rows of diagonal stitches. Once the groundwork has been laid, you can make this pattern your own!

Each kit contains:

1 x Beautifully designed, step by step guide to producing your Sashiko piece

1 x Instruction booklet on how to sew your Sashiko piece into a purse

1 x Skein of white Olympus Sashiko thread

1 x Skein of pale blue Olympus Sashiko thread

1 x Olympus needle set containing 2 needles

1 x 30cm/ /12” grey zip with ring pull

1 x Sew-in custom made 'I Stitched This' label

1 x Pre-stencilled Navy Sashiko fabric (pre-cut)

1 x Navy Denim fabric for back of the purse (pre-cut)

2 x Lining fabric (pre-cut)

1 x Zip tab fabric (pre-cut)

1 x Iron-on interfacing (pre-cut)

The finished purse will be 33 x 18cm 

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