Wonderfil Rinse n Gone/ Water Soluble Thread

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Wonderfil Rinse n Gone/ Water Soluble Thread

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Wonderfil Rinse n Gone

183m spool

100% polyester

Usually a thread is meant to hold things together, not disappear when exposed to water! However, water soluble thread has a lot of fantastic uses that you may not have thought of before.

You can use it to baste your quilt top in place to keep it from shifting when you’re quilting it. Start by positioning the piece you want to quilt using pins, then using a hand sewing needle threaded with Rinse ‘n Gone, make big basting stitches across the project, removing the pins as each section is secured. Now you can quilt my project without needing to worrying about quilting around the pins. The basting can easily be removed by putting the quilt or project in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, or simply scrubbing out the thread with a wet toothbrush

Perfect for basting hems, positioning zippers and pockets, ease stitching, and any temporary placement. Rinse projects in room temperature water or brush thread with a wet toothbrush to make it disappear. 40wt 100 percent water soluble polyester thread. 

Recommended needle sizes:

- 80/12 

- #10 Sharps

Note: Do not lick the end of it to help thread your needle! We also recommend storing it in a sealed bag in a dry place as direct exposure to liquid can wreck your spool.